Skip to main content Awards Samasource $1.5 Million Grant

Google has approved efforts made by Samasource by awarding a $1.5 million grant to the San Francisco based non-profit organisation.

Samasource is a tech company serving as a link in between job seeking people in developing countries and US based tech companies. The US companies outsource piecework called "microwork" to Samsource which are redirected to developing countries.

Director of Charitable Giving at, Jacquelline Fuller, in an email stated,"Samasource stood out to us as an organization with strong leadership, demonstrated impact, and an ability to scale," reports Forbes.

Samasource received a total of $5 million from the various investors like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and eBay foundation in addition to Google.

Samasource founder and CEO, Leila Janah, stated, "We're thrilled to have Google's support in realising our vision to bring dignity and work to those who need it most."

The San Francisco company has found work for around 2,000 people. The number seems small, but the effort is no doubt commendable.

During 2100, granted $115 million in donations.