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Google+ Hangouts Go Mobile, Dial-in Support Added

Google, on Wednesday, announced many enhancements for its Hangouts, an integrated video conferencing feature, of Google+.

The new enhancements will make the video conferencing service better accessible and more interactive. The enhancements will bring improvements such as capability to participate in a Hangout directly via an "update to Google+", while on the other hand enabling users without a webcam to simply "dial in" to conference call.

Now, users can enjoy "Hangouts" via their smartphones as they are given the facility to directly connect through Google+ Messenger. Hangouts now can be created through the Google+ Messenger app designed specifically for iOS as well as Android. First, the Android version will be out in the Android market and an iOS version would soon follow.

"Our emphasis on face-to-face-face group video communication has led to some amazing experiences. By giving this away for free, we've enabled people around the world to see into each other's eyes and share discussion and laughter in new ways." Google's senior vice president, Vic Gundotra, posted on the official Google blog.

Some of the other features in Hangouts are full-length recording of the Hangout will be available on YouTube account once you to ‘off air', phone integration so that you may call anybody into a hangout, notifications on mobile device once invited to a hangout.