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Google to Open $120 Million Data Centre in Singapore; Third Facility in Asia

In an attempt to expand its presence in Asian markets, Google has announced plans to open a new data centre in Singapore.

Singapore, which serves as the headquarters for Google's Asia Pacific operations, will be home to the new $120 million data centre.

A part of its increased investment in Singapore and all of Asia, the data centre will be the third facility Google has opened in Asia. The company already has a $300 million data centre in Hong Kong and a $100 million data centre in Taiwan, as reported by

"Users like speed, faster is better than slow on the web, if you think about it, you're only a click away from another service so bringing services to users in a speedy fashion and a reliable fashion is really critically important," said Julian Persaud, Managing Director, Google Southeast Asia.

"And if you look at Southeast Asia in particular, it's one of the fastest growing regions in the world for users coming online so it's important that we keep up with users and think ahead and make sure we can deliver those services quickly," he added.

Google said the data centre, one of its most environmentally friendly ones, will be completed in 2014.