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HP Changing Its Logo?

On top of the recent overhaul of its executive management, Hewlett Packard looks set to change its logo too, giving a fresh new face to the firm.

The new look removes the traditional circle back drop with an inversion of the white HP part of the logo. Because it's cool and modern, the new design also removes the horizontal sections of the H and P.

It's not confirmed yet whether this will become the new face of Hewlett Packard, but it's certainly in consideration and has had a lot of thinking put into it. Moving Brands had a case study online - now taken down - discussing the thought process behind the re-imaging.

"The defining signature of the system is the 13° angle. 13° represents HP's spirit as a company, driven forward by ingenuity and optimism about the future and a belief in human progress," read the study before it was taken down.

Now if you visit the site, there's some images of people looking creative and discussing things, along with a short paragraph stating that they had "removed the HP case study per the request of HP, in order to clarify the distinction between the aspects of the work that were setting a creative vision for the brand but were not implemented in the market, and the aspects which reflect the actual in-market applications of the Identity and Design System. The ‘Progress mark' logo is not the go-forward direction for HP."

Under Consideration has a few mock ups of what the new logo could look like in different situations, including on buildings, in magazines and on various hardware.

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