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Intel Forms New Mobile and Communications Group to Refocus its Fight Against ARM

Intel has announced a major reorganisation of its mobile business, forming a new business unit dubbed the Mobile and Communications Group to focus on tablets and smartphones.

Formed of four previously separate business units - Intel Mobile Communications, Mobile Wireless Group, Netbook and Tablet Group and the Ultra Mobility Group - the new Mobile and Communications group will be the focal point of Intel's efforts to push its Atom-based system-on-chip designs in the face of massive competition from British chip design giant ARM.

"This is a strategic move designed to provide clear differentiation for Intel-based mobile devices and to speed and improve development of mobile devices and components," claimed Intel's Robert Menetta in an email to IT World.

The move comes following the resignation of Ultra Mobility Group head Anand Chandrasekher back in March, and will be led by Hermann Eul and Mike Bell.

The Mobile and Communications group will offer users a "compelling user experience by providing optimal hardware, software, and connectivity ingredients as well as complete solutions," its mission statement explains. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.