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Intel Reveals Trend Predictions for 2012

Intel's biggest and brightest have published a video detailing their predictions for the technology trends that will take hold for 2012, and there are some interesting items on the list.

"We‘re at a very significant point in time," explains Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer. "It‘s a time when technology is no longer the limiting factor. What limits us today is really our own imagination."

"At Intel we view 2012 as another year of accelerated transition to intelligent connected systems," explains Ton Steenman, VP and general manager of Intel's Intelligent Systems Group. "As connectivity becomes even more pervasive, intelligent systems will continue to demand more performance to bring richer experiences and become more fundamental to our daily lives."

"The Internet continues to be 'it,' with more and more ways to access it. As such, the mobile Internet will grow at a dizzying pace," adds Doug Davis, Intel's VP of the Netbook and Tablet Group. "Delivering great experiences from device to the cloud is the key to building a long-lasting relationship between consumers and the devices they choose to use in their daily lives. The economic uncertainty remains. Companies must do a great job of breaking through the fog. Expectations are high for Windows 8 as it will help bridge the millions of legacy apps that we all love and need, with new apps and touch experiences."

Naturally, Intel is also betting heavily on the success of its Ultrabook project, trotting out some industry names to back up its hopes. "Ultrabook will bring a new low cost form factor to everyone," claims researcher Jon Peddie. "Everyone will be able to have this new device. In the past devices like this have been expensive and maybe unreachable for most people, but now we‘ll be able to put an Ultrabook in everybody‘s hands and it‘s a natural form factor. It‘s a kind of form factor we just want to have because it‘s nice and lightweight. It‘s a comfortable form factor and they look good - they‘re sexy."

The video also covers the rise of big data, the expansion of Intel's plans for its tri-gate transitor '3D chip' technologies, and other predictions for the coming year.

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