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iPad gets Official Approval for Use by Pilots in Flight

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to allow pilots to use Apple iPads in all phases of the flight, with American Airlines being the first company to take advantage of the new approval.

Electronic charts and digital manuals will replace the old paper documents in the American Airlines cockpits starting this Friday, ZDnet reports. The Allied Pilots Association announced this summer that American Airlines was looking into the idea of introducing Apple's tablets for the pilots to help them navigate the planes with increased efficiency and safety.

As Seattle Pi calculated, replacing paper documents with a weight of 35 pounds with a 1.5-pound iPad leads to saving $1.2 million worth of fuel yearly. American Airlines had to test this solution for six months in thousands of hours of flight before the FAA finally approved pilots to use digital flight manuals and electronic charts in the company aeroplanes.

The first aircraft to take off with iPads in the cockpit will be a B-777 airplane and after this Friday, the iPad operation will be allowed across the company's entire fleet. Apparently, other airlines, such as United, Alaska, and UPS are also looking into idea of introducing iPads as a better tool for pilots.

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