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Microsoft Xbox Design Head Moves Over as Metro UI Takes Hold

As Microsoft moves to position its Xbox 360 gaming console at the heart of the living room with media streaming deals and prepares the next-generation Xbox Loop for release, it is doing so without Don Coyner.

Coyner, who has been on the Xbox project since Microsoft first began working on its games console back in 1999, is largely believed to be responsible for the development of the unified user experience seen in the Xbox 360 console.

Coyner's previous experience at Nintendo, which he left to join Microsoft in 1995, surely helped - but as the company moves away from the design ethos Coyner championed towards a more unified approach across its desktop, tablet, smartphone and console operating systems, it appears that there is no more room for the veteran.

According to sources speaking to CNET, Coyner is to be replaced as the head of the Xbox Design and Experience Group at Microsoft by Emma Wiliams, who was responsible for the Metro UI-inspired interface of the most recent Xbox 360 'Fall Update.'

Microsoft, for its part, has refused to comment on 'personnel issues.' monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.