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MySpace Bumped Off of Top Ten List by StumbleUpon

MySpace is no longer one of the ten most popular social networking websites in the UK.

According to a list compiled by Exprerian Hitwise, the ailing social network has dropped from the top ten list of social networking websites in the UK.

The company said MySpace, which has seen its ranking declining for the past few years has been replaced by StumbleUpon, which lets users discover new cool websites.

"MySpace traffic has been on the decline for at least three years now, but this is the first time the social network has fallen out of the Experian Hitwise top 10," said James Murray from Hitwise.

"In its place, StumbleUpon has risen in the rankings and is now the UK's tenth most popular social network," Murray explained.

The top most visited social network in the UK is Facebook, followed by YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Answers and Gumtree, which make up the top five.

LinkedIn, which touts itself as a professional social network, is lagging behind in sixth place followed by Tumblr, Moneysavingexpert, Moshi Monster and StumbleUpon at seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth spots respectively.