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Nokia to Release Limited Edition Nokia Lumia 800 for Batman Fans

Nokia unveiled their limited edition Nokia Lumia 800 version based on the third installment of the yet-to-be-released Batman movie series.

The latest limited edition, the Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800, features the Batman logo carved at the rear of the black smartphone. With the exception of the logo, no other changes have been made in the external design of the handset, reports Slash Gear.

The limited edition phone does contain movie trailers, wallpaper and ringtones and much more. Thus, there is a lot to cherish about this smartphone as well as the movie that will be released very soon.

The exclusivity is maintained via paper packaging over the normal packaging. The paper packaging is also in black colour and has the batman logo on the box. Interestingly, Nokia has made this smartphone exclusively for die hard fans of the superhero and thus, according to reports, only 40 units have been manufactured.

The company has not stated when this version will be released or whether it will be released through retailers or not. Also, there is no information about pricing of this one of a kind handset.