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Ofcom Maintains Caps on Advert Time

Ofcom has announced that it will be maintaining the current UK limits of TV advertising per hour at nine minutes - refusing to increase it to the European cap of 12 minutes.

There have been calls for the governing body to relax its current maximums, but after conducting an in-depth investigation, Ofcom decided that the current limits were satisfactory. It turns out that while advertisers would benefit from being able to squeeze an extra three minutes of adverts into an hour, it would actually lower the revenue of TV stations by reducing the value of ad slots. Ultimately it was decided that this would lead to lower production values due to decreased funding for programmes, something Ofcom is keen to avoid.

The regulatory body has also been asked if it will remove any sort of cap from White Space tv stations - created from the spectrum between other channels - to help them gain some semblance of commercial viability.

The Register takes this opportunity to take a swipe at X-Factor, a show interrupted with adverts, while also using the entirety of the programme to promote upcoming singles from the contestants.

If you fancy having a read of Ofcom's lengthy and snooze inducing investigative report, you can read it all here.

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