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Orange France Joins with Microsoft to Offer Orange TV on XBox 360

Orange France has forged a deal with Microsoft to bring its Orange TV offering to the Xbox 360 console in spring 2012.

Under the new deal, Orange TV customers will be able to access the platform on their Microsoft gaming consoles and control it using the Kinect voice and motion sensing technology.

The companies said that Orange TV customers in France will have access to 30 channels on their consoles via the Orange TV app, including some major TV channels available in the country, as reported by RTTNews.

Orange highlighted the fact that users won't be required to use a remote control to manage and interact with Orange TV on their Xbox 360 consoles, thanks to Kinect. The service will launch when users simply say ‘Xbox Orange' to Kinect.

Tasks like changing channels, pausing video and playing video will be accomplished using a combination of hand and voice commands.

"This partnership therefore allows Orange to offer a service to its customers who want Orange TV on their game console. We already found the Windows Phone interface attractive and are now drawn by the technological opportunities of the Xbox and Kinect offer, and the changes they will enable us to make to create even greater services at Orange," said Xavier Perret, Orange's Director of Strategic Partnerships, in a statement.