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SAY Media Buys ReadWriteWeb for an Undisclosed Amount

Popular tech blog ReadWriteWeb has been acquired by SAY Media to make it a part of its ever-expanding Technology channel.

SAY Media said that the acquisition will enable it to gain access to an additional 75 million monthly readers who visit ReadWriteWeb.

The company failed to disclose the financial details of the acquisition but, revealed that Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb's founder and editor-in-chief will continue to lead the technology publication at SAY Media.

The writer staff and new star writers will continue to work for ReadWriteWeb as a part of SAY Media's army of writers. Dan Frommer, founder and editor-in-chief of SplatF, will continue to work as the editor-at-large.

"ReadWriteWeb has established itself as a leading news and analysis source for the tech community, reaching high-level business influencers and decision makers. Its editorial team is frequently sourced and considered to be one of the best in the business," said Matt Sanchez, CEO, SAY Media reports ReadWriteWeb.

"Richard and his team are extremely passionate about the content they create and have worked very hard to develop a deeply engaged and informed community of tech enthusiasts." he added.

SAY Media owns and operates a lot of leading tech blogs including Android and Me and SplatF. The company's entire portfolio of websites, which cater to various domains like lifestyle, entertainment and technology, reach more than 500 million people the world over.