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Sky Blocks Newzbin2

UK TV and internet service provider (ISP), Sky, has announced that it has blocked the Newzbin2 file link website in accordance with a request from the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

It isn't the first ISP to do so either, with BT also being forced by the MPA to block the site. TalkTalk and Virgin have also had letters asking them to follow through with a ban of their own, but so far only Virgin has announced its compliance.

All of these blocks come despite the fact that owners of Newzbin2 have made available tips and tricks that would allow 90 per cent of its users base to circumvent them.

"Sky is a business which has invested billions of pounds in content for its customers. We do this because we know how much our customers value high-quality content. It's therefore imperative that companies like Sky do what they can, alongside Government and the rest of the media and technology industries, to help content companies protect their copyright," said a Sky blog post.

This of course treads muddy water between infringing upon free speech and protecting copyright. ISPs also argue that it isn't their position to restrict what their users view online - that's the job of government.

Sky finished up its statement by saying that this "protection will ensure that consumers continue to benefit from TV programmes, movies and music both now and in the future. This means taking effective action against online piracy and copyright theft."

In the same way that the war on drugs is about sending a message, this appears to be a similar deal. Users of the site can get their downloads elsewhere or can circumvent the ban, yet Sky and the MPA are happy to tout this as a complete success.

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