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Sony's New Android-based iPod Touch Rival Appears At FCC

The next Sony Walkman device has emerged in the US having landed at the FCC for its routine approval process. The NW-Z1000 - which will be pitched against the iPod Touch - has already been launched in Japan but has yet to appear elsewhere.

Just like Apple's multimedia player, the new Sony Walkman could be mistaken for a mobile handset - a really attractive one, with all the right curves.

It comes with an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core chipset (faster than ANY current Sony Ericsson smartphone), 512MB RAM and its 4.3-inch screen has a 800x480 pixel resolution.

It is powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, features a microUSB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and between 16GB and 64GB onboard storage (without a microSD card slot we suspect).

Pictures published of the NW-Z1000 show that there's no apparent front facing or rear camera, which would be a shame given that the iPod Touch has both. The pricing range is between £200 for the cheapest model to well above £300 for the 64GB one.

Sony will be absorbing Sony Ericsson in the middle of next year, which will give the Japanese manufacturer a portfolio capable of challenging Apple and Samsung.