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T-Mobile launches the Nokia Lumia 710 entry level Windows Phone 7 mobile in America

U.S.A. based mobile phone network T-Mobile has announced that the lower-costing Nokia Lumia 710, based on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system, will be available on their network early next year.

This comes off the back of the American press being sent an invite to a joint T-Mobile-Nokia press event, where rumours were rife that the non-flag ship Nokia Lumia 710 would be launched at the press conference.

Another addition to this now-confirmed report was that the 710 was sent to the FCC, to confirm that it passes certain eligibility tests in order to run on the USA mobile phone networks.

This has now been established by T-Mobile that the handset that was launched alongside the flagship Nokia Lumia 800 will be coming to their network.

The mobile phone is capable of running from the T-Mobile 4G network, with one-click access to Netflix, T-Mobile TV and as a first foray into the smartphone market for consumers.

ITProPortal's recently merged mobile phone sister website attended the launch event for the Nokia Lumia 710, where we published a hands on walkthrough in pictures here and a video walkthrough from a Nokia spokesperson here.

In addition to which, we have also published a detailed review of the top-tier Nokia Lumia 800 here, with a thorough set of hands on images here and an in-depth video walkthrough here.

T-Mobile is carrying the Nokia Lumia 710 from January 11th onwards, whilst being priced at $49.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card on a 24 month contract.

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