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Tweeting from Court Gets the Green Signal from Top Judge

Based on guidance by the lord chief justice, legal commentators and journalists in UK and Wales need not seek permission to text, email or tweet from inside a court. However, this facility comes with a condition that this permission is subject to withdrawal in case there is interference in administering justice.

Before this guidance, journalists and legal commentators had to file an application before an individual judge in any court to tweet, text or email.

According to the Lord Chief Justice this guidance regarding the usage of "text based" media will help in reporting court proceedings more accurately as well as fairly, reported BBC.

The same guidance also permits the public present in the court room to tweet, however, the members of the public must seek prior permission from the respective court.

The Judge while announcing these new changes said, "Twitter as much as you like from today." The guidance specifies that mobile email, social media like twitter and also internet connected laptops are allowed from and in the courts.

"The normal, indeed almost invariable rule, has been that mobile phones must be turned off in court. There is however no statutory prohibition on the use of live text-based communications in open court." the guidance [PDF] states.