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AMD Rubbishes Intel's Shortfall Excuse, Claims Hard Drive Shortages Not an Issue

AMD's chief executive Rory Read has hit back at Intel's blaming of the hard drive shortage, caused by flooding in Thailand which has closed many manufacturers' facilities, for a $1 billion shortfall, stating that his company isn't having a problem.

Speaking to MarketWatch, Read claimed that he "doesn't see major pressure in terms of the quarter" from the current shortage of hard drives from the flooding, which is being used by many manufacturers as a reason for slowing sales towards the end of the year.

Claiming that hard-disk supply in the channel is "going pretty well," Read added "in 1Q and 2Q, maybe you see some manifestations [of shortages,] but I wouldn't bet against the supply chain. They're very resilient."

Hard drive manufacturing in Thailand is beginning to get back on track, but industry experts are warning that supplies could remain constrained through March next year - something Read doesn't appear particularly worried about, claiming that his company can take market share even if the PC industry slows its production and cuts back on chip spending.

Read's comments will come as a blow to Intel, which is directly placing the blame for its $1 billion quarterly shortfall on reduced sales due to the shortage - and subsequent price increases - of hard drives in the channel as a result of the Thailand flooding. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.