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ARCHOS Releases Smart Home Phone, ARCHOS 35

French consumer electronics maker ARCHOS has launched its ARCHOS 35 smart home phone.

The ARCHOS 35 smart home phone is a new generation Android powered device equipped with a handful of sophisticated features, aimed primarily at home users.

As claimed by the company, the new device has been designed with the vision of popularising the idea of owning a home phone again - just like the old good days. The product, according to the company, blends the features of a smartphone with those commonly found on a traditional DECT phone.

The phone is equipped with name and number memory, hands free option, intercom as well as RCHOScaller ID functionalities - just the features included on a traditional DECT phone. In addition, the phone has an wide array of smartphone features -- including Web and email access, social networking etc.

The device also "features music and video applications enriching the user experience with smooth browsing through the album covers," according to a press release from the company.

The price of the device with a 3.5 inch to uchscreen dispay has been fixed at £119.99 - currently available in all major retail outlets.