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BT Offers Three-Month Access to OnLive Playback for Free

BT is offering the popular cloud-based OnLive gaming service for free to its broadband users for three months.

The company said BT customers signing up for the OnLive game streaming service before January 31 will get free three-month access to OnLive Playback, regularly £6.99 per month service which lets them play 100 new and old games.

The service, which is most suitable for people with unlimited data packages, lets users stream games to their PCs and play high-end games without having to install expensive gaming gear. OnLive allows users to either purchase the games or rent them for a few days.

The OnLive Playback bundle not only gives users access to somewhat recent and older games, but also allows them to get a 30 percent discount on every game available for rent or purchase on the platform, as reported by CNET.

"Now you can play a massive selection of cutting-edge games instantly via your BT broadband. With the OnLive Games Service, games are just seconds away - delivered on-demand to your PC, Mac, HDTV or tablet at blindingly fast speeds," according to BT.

The company also stated that if users sign up now, their OnLive data usage won't be included in their total data limit until January 2, 2012.