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Dell Abandons Netbooks to Focus on Ultrabooks

Dell has decided to set aside its netbooks division to focus entirely on Intel propelled Ultrabook laptops.

The company stated it was focused on providing portable solutions, but has now chosen to divert its attention to providing laptops which were thin and powerful, CNET reports.

Netbooks were all the rage some years ago, but a lack of powerful features and the rise in the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices eroded its sales figures.

"We sold through the Dell Mini some time ago. We're committed to the highly portable space and have focused on delivering thin + powerful solutions, for which we've seen strong success, particularly in our XPS line," said Matthew Hutchison, director of Dell Global Consumer PR.

According to a report on Liliputing, the company has removed the entire range of 10-inch netbooks from its website, indicating the end of its netbook line.

Dell is one of the several original device manufacturers planning to launch Ultrabook devices.

The chip giant has already created a multi-million dollar fund to encourage companies to develope Ultrabook devices and is in talks with Asian ODMs to flood the marketwith Ultrabook laptops in 2012.