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Facebook Resolves to Unfriend Coal, Collaborates with Greenpeace

Facebook has inked a new deal with Greenpeace with the vision of promoting the use of clean and renewable energy, the company announced on Thursday.

The move by social networking giant has come after a prolonged 20 month campaign initiated by the environmental outfit for persuading Facebook to "unfriend coal". It is worth noting here that in Greenpeace's book, both coal and nuclear power sources are currently acting as the major sources of alarmingly rising level of global pollution.

Earlier this year, Greenpeace labelled Facebook as the world's second dirtiest IT company amongst a handful of other tech heavyweights, including the likes of HP, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Twitter.

Needless to say, this sort of a title wouldn't have pleased Zuckerberg and his men. That and the objections of over 700,000 active Facebook users from round the globe alongside numerous petitions and videos posted online eventually forced the company to officially announce a new collaboration with Greenpeace.

"Facebook is committed to supporting the development of clean and renewable sources of energy, and our goal is to power all of our operations with clean and renewable energy," Facebook said in a statement, reports Information Week.