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Google Bags Driverless Car Patent

Mountain View based multitalented tech heavyweight, Google, has been granted a new patent for its much talked about driverless car technology, according to reports.

The patent in question covers the technology with which artificial intelligence in the car can take control of the vehicle from a human driver in order to find a proper parking place. The technology, according to reports, involves a secured version of cruise control that uses Web functionality in order to start the automated driving technology.

Experts keeping a close eye on this relatively new project by the search giant, are of the view that the time when one drives over the QR code, also known as the reference indicator, the vehicle starts taking control of itself on its own.

"Disclosed are methods and devices for transitioning a mixed-mode autonomous vehicle from a human driven mode to an autonomously driven mode," the patent stated, according to a Tech Radar report.

"Transitioning may include stopping a vehicle on a predefined landing strip and detecting a reference indicator. Based on the reference indicator, the vehicle may be able to know its exact position," it added.