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Hacked Square Enix Servers Had Details of 1.8 Million Users

Square Enix announced recently that on the 12th of December its servers were hacked. It turns out that the hacked servers contained details of some 1.8 million users from the US and Japan.

The initial announcement made it clear that while the company didn't know whether any details were stolen, that there was no way any credit card information could have been compromised as it simply wasn't stored on those servers.

No hacking group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

"We are yet to learn whether illegal access was gained to our clients' information," a spokeswoman for Square Enix said. "But we have asked our customers to be aware of the incident in case they receive suspicious messages using our name."

Europeans have lucked out in this hack, as the server that was compromised only contained account details for Japanese and US gamers - 800,000 of the former and a million of the latter reports France 24. Square was also hacked back in May, with some 25,000 email addresses compromised, as well as 250 resumes from job applicants.

This of course isn't the first gaming company to be hit by hackers this year, with Sony, Sega and many others weathering attacks. Some of-course dealt with it better than others, with Sony suffering a real PR hit for not announcing for almost a month that users' credit card information had been compromised.

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