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IBM Wins Contract to Build Food Monitoring System in China

IBM has won a contract to build a new food monitoring system in China.

The contract was awarded to the US based multi-national computer services outfit after the authorities in China took a tougher stand for better supervision of food safety mechanism in the country.

According to a spokeswoman for IBM's Singapore unit, the system made for Shandong Commercial will make sure that all pork products available in the coastal province of the country are safe and hygienic for human consumption.

"Food supply-chain management technology and services is a big market. Demand for food safety products in China is expected to increase 15 percent per annum through 2013," from an IBM email to Bloomberg News.

Few details concerning the financial aspect of the project, scheduled to be completed sometimes during 2013, have not been released for now.

China happens to be the largest pork consuming nation in the world. Earlier this month, the Chinese government stated it was going to improve existing laws to ensure a better food safety procedures. These measures will hopefully ensure better quality food for consumers.