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League of Legends Gets Winter Makeover

Riot Games' hit multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends, has had a wintery makeover to fit in with the current festive season - bringing new skins and weather to the game.

Ok so the frost and snow coating the main arenas doesn't actually affect gameplay, but it does make things feel a little more seasonal. On top of that, there's also a few other changes made to different parts of the games. Certain ruines have been tweaked to reflect Christmasy themes like: Greater Quintessence of Frosty Fortitude, Deadly Wreath and Piercing Present.

Creeps on each map will have a new hat to go into battle with. The purple ones will feature a little green and red Santa hat, while the blue ones will be sporting antlers.

They aren't the only ones who've donned a holiday outfit though; Maokai has himself dressed up as a Christmas tree complete with bows and stars. Heimerdinger (my personal favourite champion) is now rocking candy cane turrets and a snowman look - with a snowy afro and red carrot nose.

Leblanc is dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit while Gangplank looks quite dashing in his Toy Soldier skin, featuring wooden legs and a more traditional toy look.

If you fancy having a game with yours truly, you can find me on the EU west servers some nights with the name "Whoopty", feel free to add me. I'm nearly level 30... not far off.

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