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Microsoft Releases Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, Other Devices

Microsoft has unleashed a brand new offering - a full-size bluetooth keyboard aimed at capitalising on the ever increasing popularity of the iPad and other Android powered tablets.

The new product, dubbed Mobile Keyboard 5000, has been blessed with a sleek and trendy, ergonomic design that makes it easier to type. Despite being a full-sized keyboard, it is only 0.62 in thick and a little wider than standard notebooks measuring 13.3 inches, as reported by PCMag.

The company claims that all these features together makes it a pretty handy and practical keyboard to use while travelling. Apart from that, the white underside along with a matte black plastic finish makes it truly a deserving candidate for the title "eye candy."

The keyboard can connect to virtually any device that has Bluetooth connectivity, and that includes most Android tablets and of course, the iPad. This means users will no longer have to carry USB dongle as required with most other consumer wireless keyboards.

The product is currently available at select few retail shops at a comparatively reasonable price of $49.95. This is keyoard is sure to become a popular item.