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Microsoft Reveals Digital Identity Protection Features of Windows 8

Microsoft will be introducing new password storage and protection features to Windows 8, helping users manage multiple accounts in a secure manner.

In a blog post, Dustin Ingalls, a group program manager on the Windows security and identity team, highlights some of the features that Microsoft will be adding to Windows 8.

The Windows 8 operating system will come with credential storage and management solution, which will allow users to store and retrieve credentials in a secure manner. The Internet Explorer 10 web browser, which will be shipped as the default browser with the OS, will be able to retrieve the credentials for websites and applications used by users.

The second method that Microsoft plans to use is signing into Windows 8 using the Windows Live ID. When users sign in with their Windows IDs, all the credentials that users have stored in their Windows 8 PCs will be synced with that system.

Using a common Windows Live ID, users won't have to remember the usernames and passwords of all of their accounts and can store them in a secure manner for easy access.

"When you store credentials in conjunction with signing in to Windows with your Windows Live ID, Windows enables you to set your password for each account to something that is both complex and unique; since Windows 8 will automatically submit the credential on your behalf, you'll never need to remember it yourself," Ingalls explained.