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Microsoft's Goes Live

After a series of rumours and speculations, Microsoft's most talked about social networking project has finally been made open for users.

Many of the site's details were first leaked to the media last month in November, and it was being speculated all over the web that after Google, it was the Windows maker's turn this time, to launch a brand new social networking venture to rival Facebook.

Contrary to all those hypes, hasn't been aimed at rivalling Facebook at all. In fact it is more of a project, developed for facilitating college going students with a platform to connect with their peers and share information.

Though the site has been already launched, you may have to wait for sometimes before finally being able to join it. As of now, any new users trying to sign up in the site will be greeted back with the response saying that is currently over crowded.

" has been designed for students studying social media to extend their educational experience and rethink how they learn and communicate," a Microsoft Research post stated, according to a report by the Digital Trends.