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Nearly 50% of Mobiles in US are Smartphones Reveals Study

Nearly half of mobile phone users in the United States now own smartphones, a new market study has revealed.

According to the metrics provided by Nielsen, 44 per cent of mobile phone users in the US now own smartphones, with females leading the way with 51 per cent. Two years ago, only 18 per cent of mobile users were using smartphones with men accounting for 55 per cent smartphone users.

Smartphone penetration, between August-October 2011, by age was highest in 25-34 year olds with 64 per cent while 53 per cent of 18-24 year olds use smartphones.

App usage among smartphone users has also increased, 62 per cent of users downloading apps on their smartphone devices. Games remained the top categories for apps for smartphone users.

iPhone maker Apple continues to lead the smartphone market with a 28.6 per cent while Google Android is the most favoured and used smartphone OS, leading the market with a 44 per cent share.

The report also revealed that a smartphone user in the US had an average of 33 apps. iPhone users had 44 apps on their device at an average while Android users had 32 apps. Nielsen also pointed at the rise in social networking on smartphones. The report revealed that Facebook was the most used app by Apple and Android users.