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Nokia's First Windows Phone, Lumia, Not-So-Popular in Europe

A new survey reveals that Nokia's first Windows Phone device has failed to make an impact on European customers.

According to a survey conducted by BNP Paribas, the Lumia device, launched with much fanfare, probably won't be enough to bring Nokia back into the smartphone game.

The survey revealed that only 2.2 percent of respondents were planning to purchase the device. The company selected 1,300 people from 5 different markets where the device had gone on sale.

Paribas then narrowed respondents down to the 456 people who claimed to be planning to purchase a smartphone.

Paribas analyst Alexander Peterc noted that with only 2.2 percent of consumers planning on buying the device, the Lumia will have less impact than rivals like the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy SII.

The investment and brokerage firm slashed quarterly sales estimates for the device to 800,000 units from the 2 million it had earlier projected, as reported by Reuters.

Nokia is struggling in the smartphone market and is lagging behind Apple and Android. The company recently entered the US smartphone market with the low-end Nokia 710, available for $50 from T-Mobile.