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Oracle's New Communication Application Offers Unified Billing, Simplified Management

Oracle's newly unveiled Connected Digital Lifestyle solution is well equipped to offer communications service providers a unique and unified platform, whereupon they can efficiently carry out operations such as management of mobile content, delivery, billing as well as delivery, the company announced.

The new offering was announced by the California based enterprise software maker earlier this week. The product is particularly aimed at enhancing operators' service delivery platform, and thereby allowing them to focus more on delivering revenue generating applications in a highly efficient manner.

Apart from that, the product also offers its services to other aspects which the service providers require to address in order to meet global standards-- e.g. the inclusion of multi-channel advertising abilities, location based services, messaging or billing etc.

According to the company, the new offering is primarily an end-to-end platform for the purpose of digital content retailing, which enables service providers to beef up both customer loyalty, as well as revenue.

"The new release also includes native integration with Oracle Communications Policy Controller a comprehensive policy management product that optimizes data usage and ensures fair network resource allocation," Oracle's press release read.

"Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management Release 7.5 also includes new features supporting regulatory requirements for re-billing and corrective invoicing," Oracle added.