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SAP Looking to Grow in Database, Cloud Computing Market

SAP AG - the leading German enterprise software maker announced its future plans involving Hana led database push and a cloud hiring spree at the recently held SAP Influencer Summit hosted by Boston.

The company even went on go claim that it would make every effort possible to ensure that it attains the number#2 spot in the global database market by 2015. These bold claims from SAP have come just a few days after it had acquired SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion.

It would be interesting to see whether or not the company will be able to defy the pwnage of the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Teradata on its way to become the second largest database vendor in the whole world.

"We are very serious about on-demand, so we want to make sure we have people who are only measured by their success in the cloud," executive vice president of SAP OnDemand Solutions, Peter Lorenz said in an exclusive statement to the Information Week.

President of SAP Global solution and Go-to-market Sanjay Poonen on the other hand gave his input about this new visionary of his company by stating, "It's a great big, audacious goal, but we want to aim high, and we think we can start in the data warehouse market".