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£39.99 Netgear WNR3500 RangeMAX Wireless-N Gigabit Router

The WNR3500 from Netgear is a high-speed Premium Wireless-N Gigabit Router that allows you to surf, email, stream HD video, play on-line game and make Internet phone calls simultaneously.

With support for 802.11n, 802.11b and 802.11g standards, the Wireless-N router allows you to extend your home network through Wi-Fi. The router also comprises of a 4-port switch with gigabit ports that lets you connect your desktop systems.

The Wireless-N router comes with Push 'N' Connect feature whereby it allows pushing of wireless connection configuration to new devices easily while providing advanced wireless security encryption for your data.

Netgear has put in the patented metamaterial antenna technology that allows for greater reach of the wireless network surpassing that of the old Wireless-G standard. In case you have some old laptops hanging around and only have Wireless-G and Wireless-B capabilities, then worry not as the WNR3500 is backwards compatible with these standards.

Security in the WNR3500 is great as it supports WiFi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK), and 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption for Wireless-B/G networks. The router also supports MAC address based authentication thereby allowing you to restrict the wireless network to known devices only.

The Netgear WNR3500 RangeMAX Wireless-N Gigabit Router is available from eBay for £39.99.