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£89.99 HannsG HL225 22-inch Widescreen LED Monitor

The new stylish HL225DBB is a debut 22 inch widescreen LED TFT display from HannsG capable of presenting crisp, precise picture quality.

Through a 15000000:1 ultrahigh dynamic contrast ratio, the HL225DBB delivers great picture output for operating systems, game graphics, movies and video. HannsG has put in its proprietary X-Contrast technology that displays the darkest blacks and brightest whites.

Due to a fast response time of just 5ms, the monitor ensures fluidity of dynamic images thereby making sure that the video and game play is sharp and void of motion blur.

The LED technology in the monitor makes sure that only the required amount of power is drawn thereby dramatically improving the energy efficiency of the monitor in comparison to LCD/CRT monitors.

The 22-inch screen of the monitor is capable of full HD 1920x1080 output. The display surface is anti-glare because of which you may use the monitor in those well-lit areas or direct sunlight and you will still be able to get great picture output.

The monitor comes with VGA and DVI-D (with HDCP) as input options and being wall mountable, the monitor won't take any space on your desk.

The HannsG HL225 22 inch Widescreen LED Monitor is available from Amazon for £89.99.