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Chrome Topples IE 8 to Grab Top Position in Browser Race

Google's Web browser, Chrome, has reportedly surpassed arch rival Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 in terms of popularity amongst users across the globe.

The revelation has come from a study carried out by StatCounter which shows that during the last couple of weeks in November and 1st week of December Chrome's market share in the global browser market rose to 24 per cent.

In comparison to that, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 had to be content with only 22.9 per cent stake in the web browser market.

This happens to be the first time since early 2010 when Internet Explorer 8 failed to snatch the top spot in the browser market, which also means that for the first time since about two years that a non-Microsoft browser has attained top spot.

According to a handful of industry experts, this counts for truly a remarkable achievement for Google, and the Chrome team specifically if one considers how IE has been there in the market for ages now (as it comes pre-installed in all Windows OS), while Chrome is just a new kid in the block and has been around since a few years only.