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Sony Ericsson releases Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS for Xperia mobile phones

Solely own Sony mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has brought out a ROM image of the Google mobile ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' operating system 4.0.1, for developers to use on the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray handsets.

Sony Ericsson made public this news on their Developers World blog, in a post that reads: ‘To show our continuous support to the open developer community, and get your valuable feedback, we are today making an alpha ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.1) for Xperia [mobile phones] to download.'

The company has stated that this ROM is strictly targeted at advanced developers, as it will not work for ordinary everyday usage and only has a limited set of features working - for example, you can not make any phone calls.

The source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released a few weeks ago, where the Sony Ericsson engineering teams have been working on all the activities needed to roll out the final software upgrade of Ice Cream Sandwich for the 2011 Xperia.

The company has noted that - ‘this is far from the final software upgrade roll out'.

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