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UK Government Sets Deadline for Broadband Funding Bids

The UK government has set a deadline for English councils that expressed their desires to roll out high speed Internet connectivity. According to new and confirmed reports, the councils must apply before February next year to go ahead any further with their demand for government cash.

The government had already sanctioned £530 million to equip UK's countryside with superfast broadband connections by the end of 2015.

As per the definition set by the country's telecom regulatory board Ofcom, any connection with a speed higher than 24 Mbps can be termed as "superfast'. According to the campaigners from countryside, the new deadline set by the government will boost the momentum of the roll out in progress.

The government scheme has been primarily aimed at assisting telecom companies throughout the country to facilitate high speed broadband connections in those areas which otherwise are normally seen as commercially not beneficial.

"As we saw last week, councils have been struggling to get their broadband projects moving," the Countryside Alliance group's chief executive, Alice Bernard stated, reports BBC.

"It is now up to the government to make sure that any further barriers to progress on implementing these schemes are removed, so that rural communities can finally get fast and reliable connections and start to bridge Britain's digital divide," he added.