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£599 Logik L473CD11 47" Full HD LCD 3D TV with Free 3D Blu-ray player

Logik presents the L473CD11 47" Full HD LCD 3D TV with state-of-the-art and immersive picture quality through seamless image that feels completely natural to your eyes.

The full HD resolution at 1920x1080 guarantees you crystal clear picture for whatever you are watching and the 1100:1 contrast ratio ensure that you get the best possible colour output through proper shading with darkest blacks and brightest whites.

The TV lets you watch all your favourite 3D movies right from the comfort of your home. Accompanying and complementing the amazing visuals is the twin 8 watt speakers with noise reduction capabilities.

Logik has made sure that you have all the essential connectivity options right there on the TV by providing SCART, HDMI, USB, Component Video, Component Audio and Headphone socket.

A Philips BDP3280/05 3000 Series 3D Blu-Ray Player is included free with this TV that lets you enjoy not only conventional disc and satellite based entertainment options, but also brings with it a plethora of internet based entertainment content options including YouTube.

The player has the capability of playing your 3D Blu-ray discs and beyond that it can upscale your old DVDs to 1080p resolution.

Dixons is offering the Logik L473CD11 47" Full HD LCD 3D TV with Free 3D Blu-ray player for £599.