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BlackBerry OS 10 Delayed, RIM’s Future Looks Grim

Analysts have chalked out a grizzly end to RIM's BlackBerry after the Canadian smarphone maker informed that new BlackBerrys with the BlackBerry 10 OS will be launched by the end of 2012, months after their original tentative launch dates.

RIM has been plagued by delays and poor performance in its share prices due to its never ending fall in terms of smartphone market share.

RIM, which once dominated the global smartphone scene with its email and BBM touting enterprise ready smartphones, has not been able to keep up with the changing smartphone landscape. The likes of Apple and Google have managed to erode its market share at a faster rate than anticipated.

The company's only chance to revive its bed ridden fate was to roll out a range of new smartphone with a competitive operating system but even that plan has been riddled with delays.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis informed that the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones would require new chipsets to run and those would be shipped in the middle of 2012, which means that the company would be launching the devices by the end of 2012.

"We see a high risk that this is too late to turn around RIM's position and believe the risk of further delays is meaningful. Even in the best case, however, it seems unlikely RIM will have large volumes of its BB10 devices on sale within 15 months." Nomura analyst Stuart Jeffrey said in a research note, according to a Reuters report.