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Cisco Study Reveals Young Professionals Typically Ignore Workplace IT Policies

According to a study conducted by enterprise networking giant Cisco, 7 out of 10 young professionals ignore IT policies.

The study, which surveyed 2,800 young professionals and college students in 14 countries, revealed that 33 percent believed they were not doing anything wrong in ignoring IT policies.

Worryingly, 61 percent claimed that protecting information and devices was not a part of their jobs, as reported by eWeek.

Cisco stated that 22 percent claimed they needed to access programs that were not cleared by IT policies to get their work done. Meanwhile, 18 percent claimed they did not have time to adhere to IT policies while doing their work.

"The role of IT in any business is to successfully bring together technology architectures and business architectures. As workforces become increasingly mobile, the shift in IT infrastructure means that security and policy are no longer an ‘add-on', but the highest priority," said Rebecca Jacoby, chief information officer at Cisco.

"These findings indicate a real need for a thoughtful and strategic approach for the types of IT services offered while taking into consideration the established processes and culture of any organisation to create stronger, trusted relationships between employees and IT departments," she added.