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Facebook for Android App Has More Users Than Its iPhone Counterpart

The Facebook for Android app has surpassed its iPhone counterpart in terms of daily active users, it has been reported.

According to app metrics released by AppData, the official Facebook for Android app has more users than the iPhone version.

Facebook launched the Android app more than a year after it launched one for iPhone in 2008. The iPhone app has always been given preference by Facebook, giving it a slicker user interface than its Android app. The iPhone app was also always the first to get updated.

Recently Facebook's Timeline feature was rolled out for Android days before iPhone users received it.

AppData reports that Facebook for Android now has 58.8 million daily active users, more than the iPhone app's 57.6 million users. The revelation comes as Facebook was the most used app on Android, after the official Android Market app.

ZDNet reports that AppData's report revealed that Android had less monthly active Facebook users than the iPhone, at 86.1 million while Facebook for iPhone had 99.5 million. Despite this, the fact remains that Android users are using Facebook more than Apple users.