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Gmail App for iPhone, iPad gets Scribbles, Signatures and Other Features

Google has rolled out an update for its popular Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with a some new features.

One fun new feature is 'Scribbles' which lets you hand-draw your own graphic to send with the email message. It's perfect if you want to express something which you can do better with images than words. Choose from different colours, brush sizes, lines, spray paint and erasers. Kind of sounds like Paint.

The update will also give you a vacation responder function that automatically responds to emails when you're going to be offline for a week or two. Another new feature will notify you with a loud ping whenever you receive a new email.

Users also now have the possibility of adding custom signatures to their emails. You can either use the same signature as on your web-based email or create a new message that will be attached to all your emails.

The latest update additionally includes various bug fixes and other UI improvements. Google says it has especially focused on features that users have been repeatedly asking for, like banner notifications, multiple login support and the ability to send - as from any account already configured in Gmail.

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