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Google Bestows 'Let it snow' Search Results with Snowfall

Google has blessed its search engine with a new, eye-candy seasonal touch in line for Christmas that is just around the corner

As a part of this seasonal makeover, users who search for the "let it snow" keywords, are gifted with a gorgeous cascade of snowflakes in the background of their browsers.

Adding more to this attractive visual tweak, the list of returned search results starts freezing over amidst falling snow flakes.

It's not an uncommon move on the part of the search giant to tweak its search engine on special occasions with what it calls Google Doodle. However, seems like the company decided to put some extra efforts this festive season, as the tweak has been already applauded enthusiastically by users from all around the world.

The search-results of the "let it snow" keywords include YouTube videos of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Kylie Minogue singing their respective versions of the song "Let It Snow". The results can be brought back to full visibility with a mere click on the ‘defrost' option that appears on the search window.

In addition, the search results also include in them at least one query related to the much awaited festive season.