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Google's Doodles Website Gets a Facelift

Google has revamped its Doodle website to allow users to view some of their favourite Doodles starting from the very first one posted in 1998.

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page created the first Google Doodle to mark the Burning Man festival and to tell everyone that they have taken time off to go there.

Since then, Doodle became a much loved company tradition, with Google using its search engine home page to mark anniversaries, holidays, festivals and birthdays with a unique Doodles.

The company said that the revamped Doodle website allowed users to browser Doodles by year or country. Users will also be able to share their favourite Doodles with their friends on Google +.

"We've always thought it was a little sad that doodles are only available on the homepage for a day. Since we're firm believers in having too much of a good thing, we set up a gallery of all our previous doodles a while ago. Now on the new site, you can browse, watch or play with over 1000 doodles," the company said.

Google has also launched a Doodle Store, which allows users to purchase Doodle art work and posters, Doodle clothing, office accessories, cards and home decoration items.