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Google Gets Santa on the Phone for Christmas

Google has launched a free service through which people can receive personalised messages from Santa Clause during Christmas.

The Google voice maker stated in a blog post that Santa will himself contact people around the United States, delivering them personalised messages.

Google is allowing people to reach out to Santa with their requests for the holidays. Google said that Gmail users will be able to send a message to Santa from their inboxes on this special Google Voice number: 855-34-SANTA.

The search engine giant also said by visiting, using will be able to compose customised messages for their near and dear ones, which will be delivered by Santa via phone call. Sadly, this service is only available for phone numbers in the United States.

"Of course, Santa is never one to fall behind the technological times (word on the street is that Rudolph's nose was recently upgraded to an energy-efficient LED). So while the red suit may never go out of style, this year Santa has come up with an extra special way to spread the holiday cheer," Google wrote on the blog.