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iPhone 4S' Siri Made to Work on Rotary Phone

Siri has captured the imagination of everybody out there, with hackers and developers managing to get the voice assistant working on the older iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS handsets; and now, a creative gentleman has even somehow managed to make Siri 'function' on an old style rotary phone.

So how does this work exactly? Well Mr Davis Remmel dismantled and integrated a cheap little Bluetooth headset into the speaker end and microphone end of the old school phone. When somebody dials a 1 on the phone, Siri acts as the operator and connects you to an iPhone 4S over Bluetooth.

If you want to create something similar for yourself, all you need to do is follow the instructions posted on Mr Remmel's website. You can get the "ingredients" from the local flea market, and it's quite straight forward. The button on the Bluetooth headset is wired to a contact on the dial (in this case number 1) and when you dial it, it connects the two contacts in the phone thus turning on the Bluetooth headset.

We're not sure what having the Siri assistant on a vintage rotary phone like your grandma used to use might achieve (other than a bit of retro gadget chic), but it's likely that in the future we may see this particular iOS 5 feature (or something similar) on any number of other things, not only Apple devices.

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