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Microsoft Buys Domain

Microsoft is clearly looking to maximise its revenue from the purchase of voice over IP specialist Skype, purchasing the risqué domain

In something of a departure from its normal methods of business, Microsoft has purchased the domain from its previous owners ostensibly to protect the Skype brand which it hopes to push forward as the name in VoIP and video conferencing technology.

However, The Next Web points out that, rather than sending visitors to the domain to a placeholder page or the Skype homepage, the domain currently forwards people to Microsoft's Bing search engine - which obligingly provides a list of websites that promise to help you find 'sex contacts' via Skype.

As increasing numbers of high-ranked news websites, including the one you are on now, report on the results, the makeup of the page changes: searching now reveals fewer 'sex contact' links and more news stories reporting on the domain purchase.

It's still a somewhat embarrassing move for Microsoft, and not one that will help the company build its family-friendly image. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.