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New Analyser Tool Sifts Through Large Piles of Data

It's not an uncommon scenario to come across complicated and piled up data in an organisation, which eventually ends up paralysing its overall operational aspects - even if only temporarily.

This annoying issue is just about to get resolved for good - all thanks to a pair of genius siblings who have come up with a brand new program that has the ability to search for and compare links in a huge set of complicated data on its own.

David and Yakir Reshef, the geniuses behind this revolutionary concept, developed the program dubbed MINE with the help from professors at the Harvard University and Broad Institute.

According to Reshef brothers, the software could eventually prove to be a massive success by helping organisations from virtually all sectors - be it research, health care, finance, etc.

"I think, in some sense, David and I have been roping each other into things for our entire lives,'' said Yakir Reshef, according to a BostonGlobe report.

"At first we thought we would go find some methods that existed. It turned out to be a much more complicated question to answer", said David.