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Nokia Retires Ovi Contacts Website

Nokia has decided to cut its last remaining ties to the Ovi brand name.

The company, which not-so-long-ago renamed the Ovi Store the 'Nokia Store', announced in a blog post that it will be discontinuing the Ovi Contacts website.

The N9 maker informed users that the website will cease to operate beginning January 24, 2012, revealing that contacts stored on phones won't be affected.

"Contacts on your Nokia phone will not be affected, and you can continue syncing and backing up your data normally," the company said.

"In other words, you'll still be able to use and back up your contacts on your Nokia phone: the only change will be that web access to your contacts on will no longer be available," it informed.

Nokia said that existing Ovi Contacts users will have six weeks to remove or export contacts stored online, but even after the deadline is up, they will be able to export their contacts to their PC at any time they want, they just won't be able to add new contacts. The company also advised users to export their Ovi Contacts to third party services like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Apple Address Book.